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A promotional video can bring your website to life. In fact, videos are considered to be one of the best communication methods as visitors would rather watch a video instead of reading pages of text.

Having a promo video on your website will help your search engine optimisation (SEO). In 2007, Google integrated video into their search and since then websites with video have gained better ranking within search results.

The benefits of including promotional videos on your website are vast. Business videos on your website can give your business the exposure it needs that will help it to succeed in a competitive environment. By including informational and engaging videos online that people can see on your website, your business can build its reputation.

Video marketing is vastly used these days as promotional videos can easily be shared on social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Google+ helping to drive new visitors to your website.


Whiteboard Videos

Whiteboard animation videos are very cost effective and are ideal for any business wanting to have a fun engaging video to promote their business, products or services. Whiteboard videos capture the eye of potential customers whilst keeping them engaged on the message you are delivering.

These are very cost effective with prices starting at just £45.00 for a 1 minute video. Once the video has been completed it’s yours to keep and use wherever you wish with no on going costs.

These whiteboard animation videos can be used for a variety of purposes including :-

– Embed on your website

– Use to promote your business through your social media channels

– Business presentations’How To’ demonstration videos

– Use in your email marketing

– In shop display

And the list goes on!

Animated Videos

If you want your business to have an effective online presence we would strongly recommend the use of video. Animated explainer videos are proving to be a tool for businesses, allowing them to communicate effectively with their online audience.

If you have a new website, mobile app, new product or concept to show off, this can be easily explained with an animated video. We will capture the most important aspects and turn it into a one minute explainer video.

We understand what it takes to design a professional video and how that video can set your business apart and help increase your conversions. We pride ourselves on the service we offer our customers and have worked with many organisations from around the world.

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