How to Gain Top-level Backlinks with Content Marketing

08 August 2021 Amber Zia
How to Gain Top-level Backlinks with Content Marketing

It is a very well-known fact that excellent content allows the website to score credible, trustworthy, and top-level backlinks. However, just writing and publishing the content won’t unlock backlinks on its own. 

There are a few types of content that boast the best compatibility with backlinks. These content categories also generate backlinks effectively. Check out below to know these categories:


Visual assets


These include infographics, pictures, charts, diagrams, and other visual pieces of content. Visuals are attractive which is why more users click them. For instance, if you publish a video on your website, you will get a link whenever someone shares that video on their website. 

This is a powerful tactic that can’t be done with text. Whatever visuals you post, they will be linked to numerous times and many can be from authoritative websites in the industry. Information presented in visuals will always be more clickable than words. 

List posts


This includes a numbered sequence of methods, tips, names, or literally anything. List posts are basically offering valuable info in small chunks to the audience. If done correctly, list posts can generate even more backlinks than infographics. 

Moreover, if the list post comes with a link magnet, the webpage will have a lot of links directed to it. It will also be shared thousands of times. If you want to know more about list posts, refer to links in Denmark




This content mentions the essential information to know about any topic. It works because users find all the information regarding the topic in one place and they don’t have to search anywhere else. 


Original data and research


This content showcases the latest data from the research, surveys, and industry examination. Research and data work because stats have a high probability of getting linked. 

Whenever someone cites your research, they will link to you and all these links will multiply very fast. 

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