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Stupidly Simple Software Creates Sales Boosting, Coupon and Deal Campaigns For

Facebook AND Mobile… in under 5 minutes!

Everything You need…


The go-to app for social, viral coupon and deal offers
♥ Works 100% for Facebook, web and mobile
♥ Visual “click and edit” You can be up and running in minutes
♥ Nothing to install, no technical skills needed
♥ Powerful QR code system for redeemable real-world coupons
♥ 50+ custom background images and design tools

Creates high-converting “deals” pages in minutes

With our simple “Click to Edit” features, you can now create world class Deal templates for your Fanpages.


Mobile Friendly -Across All Platforms!

With this tool, ensure that you do not miss out on any of the traffic.. considering the fact that 50% of the users are on mobile!!

Real Time Countdown Timer

Irrespective of your client’s time zone, the deal starts and ends at the same micro-second.


Now offer the discounts and offers on the QR code as well.. From the dashboard, redeem those coupons at ease..

“The simplest tool to set up and run your online deal campaigns in minutes”

 Normally an app like this would be extremely technical and difficult to set up. Often, you would need to hire a techie to just get it up and running for you. Hardly the nimble solution you need for fast, easy to manage deals campaigns is it?

Well you don’t need to worry about that either. We have it in hand.

Blue Penguin Mobi Deals is totally newbie friendly, and flexible enough for advanced users too. You just log in, select some options, and you are good to go. With our visual “code free” templating system, you just type what you want and our app does the rest.


Incredible Technology

More Tabs..More Deals!

As against the 4 tabs on Each Fan Page, we have designed the tool in a way that you can install in additional 11 Page tabs which essentially means you have a total of 15 Tabs!!


Unlimited Fan Pages

Lift the limits and install social mobi deals on as many fanpages you want and showcase your “deal” pages to the widest possible audience!


Autoresponder Settings

In all of your pages you can have like gateways as well thus increasing your fan baseWe have advanced auto responder settings where in we store the leads for you if you dont have one and it goes into your auto responder if you put in your AR code.


It’s Deals Anywhere!

Our built in script generation technology makes sure that offering your deals outside facebook is hassle free.. It’s just “Click, Copy and Paste”!! How about using this feature for the traffic that comes to your website or blog?


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